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SaRachel Announces EP Event and Release Date for their NEW EP, Cloudy

Cloudy is the highly anticipated debut EP from SaRachel – sisters Sarah and Rachel Hambridge – both standout alumnae of the (naturally) highly competitive Nashville School of the Arts. The Duo is turning heads performing in local house concerts and clubs and is considered among the most promising emerging singer/songwriter talents from the next generation of Americana musicians.

The Cloudy EP is an introduction into the words and genetically crafted harmonies of two sisters following their shared passion for music that stands the test of time. Inspired by their Dad, the 2x Grammy winner Tom Hambridge, as well as a lifetime of a deep connections to inspirational music of varied genres, you’re sure to enjoy this EP of engaging and authentic Americana music.


7PM – 9PM NOVEMBER 16, 2018

110 28th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

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