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Pure Music Nashville is a collective of GRAMMY® winning and nominated songwriters, musicians, engineers and producers that have developed an exclusive multi-genre library of musical works and original compositions for use in all forms of real estate marketing.

We provide real estate brands with original music solutions for all marketing and promotional multimedia projects. We help to attain superior marketing, branding and promotional results and outcomes by strategically infusing original and library music tracks.

Music Licensing, Composition and Production

for your Real Estate related marketing projects of all types - all under one roof!

  • Our House™ Curated Music Library

         Imagine licensed compositions perfect for use with all of your multimedia materials from brand videos, aired commercial spots, virtual open tours to promotional marketing videos for listings, virtual tours, “Just Listed” marketing and “We’ve moved!” announcements.

  • Our House™ Bespoke Compositions
         Our GRAMMY® winning and nominated team of lyricists, composers, arrangers, musicians and producers will compose and license a special song to support the marketing for a property listing, development and/or community.

  • Our House Concert Series™ Customized sponsorship opportunities with live streamed and video-on-demand concert performances that feature a wide range of musical talent representative of regions around the country. OHC can be an intimate live “Home” Concert Broadcast from a property listing, recent sale, or particular community and/or local area of interest anywhere in the USA. In the near future as the Pandemic gets under control, happy new homeowners can host an intimate house concert for their friends, family and neighbors to celebrate their new home.


Music is powerful. It brings joy, triggers memories and inspires us at every level. Music is the critical component that brings life to a wide variety of multimedia productions including film, plays, TV as well as commercials, social ads and more. Big and small brands alike all use music to spark sentiment and create a deeper sense of appreciation and connectivity to their products and services. Recent Nielsen studies consistently show that ads with curated music performed better across four key metrics: creativity, empathy, emotive power, and information power, all essential to an effective real estate marketing promotion.

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