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To Honor and Benefit First Responders and Other Heroes Nationwide, Musicians Join Forces from Home t

John Heithaus, managing partner of the independent record label Pure Music Nashville, has announced that their team has written, virtually produced, locally engineered and globally distributed a patriotic and motivational song titled “Ameri-Can” as a call-to-action for all Americans beset by the Covid19 Crisis. The song was custom penned by multi-Grammy winner Tom Hambridge.

The project was conceived by Heithaus and his co-producer Peter Young of Ultra Audio Productions in Nashville. The duo sought to create a “trifecta” project to assist the USA to move forward during an unprecedented crisis, engage their fellow musicians and also, to raise funds for a worthy charity. Heithaus stated: “We selected these programs as they are highly relevant are highly relevant today.”

About the song, Young added: “Since many of the musicians we frequently work with have the gear and experience to record a quality part locally, we connected with incredibly talented artists in New York, Brazil, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Nashville.” From the demo, the team arranged the song and collaborated online on creative direction and the song’s flow. They then produced the entire song in one week. “Knowing that this project was both important and time-sensitive, we are very grateful that our fellow musicians stepped up creatively and donated some or all of their professional fees to the project,” said Heithaus.

Heithaus and Young would like to thank team members for their invaluable creative contributions including the songwriter Tom Hambridge, lead vocalists Melanie Amaro, Mark Campbell and Mike Lusk, musicians Bill Bergman, Gary Gladson, Michael Meadows, Justin Moore, Greg Mayo, and Gene Rabbai, and graphic artists CGB Media and w.e. pugh.

The label has created a dedicated webpage to download and donate to the effort in addition to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, and YouTube. Proceeds raised from downloads, streams and donations are for the benefit of First Responders Programs.

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