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145k spins and counting for Henrietta Swan!

Her haunting lyrics and soulful voice. Their swampy rhythms and hook-filled melodies. A new chapter in Americana! Ladies and Gentlemen, HENRIETTA SWAN. We named the band in honor of, and inspired by a scientific hero: Henrietta Swan Leavitt (1868-1921) American astronomer known for her discovery of the relationship between period and luminosity in Cepheid variables, pulsating stars that vary regularly in brightness in periods ranging from a few days to several months. We’re a virtual band, comprised of musicians, poets and engineers from different parts of the US that collaborate both via the Internet and in person to create our music. Then, all of the parts are assembled, mixed and mastered in Nashville, TN. Thanks for listening and please enjoy our musical creations!

Produced by: John Heithaus

Engineer: Preston Tate White

Recorded at: Southern Ground, Nashville

Mastered: Independent Mastering, Nashville

Lauren Shera Levine: Lead and Backing Vocals

Paul Brown: B3, Piano, Synths

Marc Davison: Slide and Rhythm Guitars

Gary Gladson: Lead, Bass & Acoustic Guitars

John Heithaus: Bass

Pete Young: Drums and Percussion

Guests: Luke Bulla: Fiddle, Guitar and Vocals, Ethan Ballinger: Tenor Guitar, Mandolins

Billy Nobel: Keyboards (UNFOLD), SaRachel: Backing Vocals, Get Together

Design: Chris Baron, CGB Media

Art: w.e.pugh

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